Stereopsis: How does 2D turn into 3D?

Our activity enchances the children’s stereo optical vision and their artistic ability to create in space, while with a paper theathre they can tell their real and fictional stories.

The program is available during the whole year. We await the appilcations of school groups on weekdays (Tuesday-Friday). For participation a registration is required beforehand, please contact one of our colleagues on

The detailed description of the activity can be downloaded from HERE!

During the activites we make photos and videos, with the participation, the participant consents to be represented on the pictures or videos. The recordings will be used on the Gallery’s communication platforms and as part of media coverages.


Review of the activity:

”We took part in a great activity (18 children). The subject immediately caught the attention of the children. With the direction of Zsófi they created wonderful artworks. Her personality bewitched the children, and from 2D they made 3D in the matter of seconds. She gave us memorable moments.

Thank you!

The children of Lurkótábor from Angyalföld.”