Make the sculptures talk!

Recommended for ages: 5-14 years old

Time it takes: 1.5 hours

Our goal was to get the children create a sculpture that translates the visual appearance of the sculpture into sound, touch or forms, and can even work as an instrument. After creating the sculptures, the children formed an improvised band and, with their new instruments, wrote a new song or provided the accompaniment to their favourite song. Throughout this activity, any topic can be put into music and students can learn how to connect the visual with the musical, and also to improve design skills.


Be the DJ of Sounds!

Recommended for ages: 14-18 years old

Time it takes: 1.5 hours

Children in 5th grade or higher and high school-goers could get familiar with the complex and diverse relationship between music and the fine arts, from a general level of appreciation to a more fictional, complicated approach. Using the sound sculptures in the exhibition and with the help of digital music editing software, the exhibition came to life through sounds, noises and associations, all of which were composed by the children. The students could learn how to use music-editing software not available at their schools. The software can be downloaded and can even be built into their IT classes. Music plays an important role in the formulation of interests and identity of young people, so the course is suitable for understanding issues concerning identity and socialisation.

 Developing competences: musical sense, visual and spatial sense, cooperative learning methods, social skills, social sensitivity to the world of the blind and the visually impaired.


Trough the sessions we make photograph, with applying to the session the participant agree to be recorded or photographed. The pictures will be used in the galleries’ communication materials and press attendance.