Museum Educational sessions for the Virtual Icons exhibition

The word icon is a polysemantic word. It meant different content through the centuries and it has a different meaning nowadays. Traditional speaking the icon, as a picture, is for connecting the portray of a person or a saint and the person who prays to it. Nowadays the icon means a role model or a concentrated meaning.

The virtual word has it’s own icons, on one hand virtual role models, who we appreciate, on the other hand the icons that show concentrated information and content.

At the museum educational session we discuss both subjects.


  Sessions to choose from:

–          Icon-t-shirts (from 7-18 years old)

–          Our virtual icons (from 15-18 years old)

 The sessions are available: 2017. February 14. – March 31.

 Registration and appointments:

Both sessions are available with pre-consolations to a specific teacher or subject: visual culture, singing-music, history, social and civic knowledge, Hungarian grammar- and literature, art history, drama-dancing, motion picture- and media, philosophy, technology, lifestyle and practices, informatics (I.T.).

 More information about the sessions: HERE!

Additional exhibitions: Virtual icons (2017. February 10. – Aprils 1.)


Troughs the sessions we make photograph, with applying to the session the participant agree to be recorded or photographed. The pictures will be used in the galleries’ communication materials and press attendance.