Jaschik 130.

For the 130th anniversary of the birth of the graphic artist and museum pedagogue Álmos Jaschik, an exhibition was organized presenting his own work and that of his students as well as of the students and teachers at Jachik Álmos High School of Arts.


Dancing geishas, lurking samurais        

Age: 7-14 years old

Time it takes: 1.5 hours

Through the scenic and costume designs of Álmos Jaschik, we can familiarize ourselves with the era of Art Nouveau and Orientalism. Later, we made our own Japanese dolls from different materials with which the children could tell their own stories on a set they designed.

Developing competencies: a sense for recycling, analytics of proportion and aesthetics, the observation of the characteristics of a material with the use of the senses.

Trough the sessions we make photograph, with applying to the session the participant agree to be recorded or photographed. The pictures will be used in the galleries’ communication materials and press attendance.