2017.01.13. – 2017.05.05.

From January FridayD sessions are continuing with one session a month – creative Friday afternoon session in the Deak17 gallery!

At these session we leave behind the usual school art class methods, with the use of ideas and freedom of creating, we explore the borders of fine arts.

The series of sessions make their improving effect together or just one.

Recommended for ages: 10-18 years old

Number of people: max. 12 person/session

Appointments: monthly 1x on Fridays between 3p.m. and 5 p.m. Arrival: till 2.45 P.m.



 2017.01.13. Music editing workshop

This time you can see into the world of sounds.

We discover our musical experiences and we get to know what a musical sense is. Musical associations, using our own ideas and visual inspirations, we create music with digital technology and editing tools.

 2017.02.17. Hanging Art!

We are going on a journey of spatial experience. How can an installation, a space specific art or forming the space can compress our ideas?

Make your own installation to discover all this!

 2017.03.10. Virtual universe

What does the virtuality gives to getting to know this world, how far does the cyberspace lasts?

 2017.04.07. Spring camera obsura workshop

The spring lights are really favorable for the photographers!

Make your own camera and photograph a portray or the cherry blossom!

 2017.05.05.  Pop up-book making workshop

What does the pop-up book holds? That’s for sure that we overcome the 2dimensional form of the book, to get to know the 3D view compressed into a book.



Participation is free, but you must need to register!

Registration: (registration deadline is 24 hours before the session starts)

Information needed: name, age, school, parent’s and children’s phone number.

The FridayD sessions are available individually. We recommend our museum educational sessions to smaller groups (5-6 people)

More information:


Trough the sessions we make photograph, with applying to the session the participant agree to be recorded or photographed. The pictures will be used in the galleries’ communication materials and press attendance.


The last FridayD photos and its program are HERE.