Facebook, likes, selifes… gregarious loneliness living among us exhibition

With the explosive spread of the internet and social media even the scholars have to deal and understand the huge amount of information at once. Our forms of communication changed, we spend much more time in virtual spaces, where they can form different personalities and use them, and our everyday life is defined by our smart phones.


Museum educational sessionsImproving competences: critics, reflective and creative thinking, cultural sensitivity, communication skills, and digital competence.


Me and the world – What am I, when…  (Elementary school, lower graders)

We are processing the following topics interactively while making a smart phone like leporello: What are those events, people or things we would like to show? Which are the important topics that you care about? Why is it so important for us to documentation ourselves? Is it self-proving or trying our self-confidence, is it about popularity, or self-expression?


Changing page turner (elementary school, higher grades)

On a short guided tour we talk about the changing on the internet, we examine the art pieces and student’s arts that are about this topic. How do we change our appearance on the internet? Who would we change places with?

At the other half of the session kids can make their own „changing” book, with collage and drawing, with our specially made booklet. For the collage we use fashion magazines and other kind of newspapers, we reflect to the making of the image in the media, the trends and fashion at school.  We improve the following competence: – creative thinking, self- and world view, self image, body shame acknowledging, self-expression.