Dream yourself a country! – Sessions for Maia Flore’s Imagine France exhibition

The Imagine France Maia Flore’s photographs are helping to invite the viewer to a dream-like journey to France’s most beautiful cultural locations. The series of 28 photograph are showing an imaginary character assimilating to the given location on it’s poetic and surprising ways. The photographer relives the historic sites both as model and observer. Her figure plays an active role of both natural and structured heritage, forming the reality to metaphoric and unlikely situations.

Come with us trough the Dream a county! Museum educational sessions to an imaginary journey to France’s historical locations. Trough the session we too are forming the actual geographical locations and we create a dream-like place, where landscapes and constructed heritage are found, where we would most want to live. We fill these places with life, at the end of the session our imaginary country’s residents will have gastronomy and art of their own. We put our characters into situations, we tell stories to describe the atmosphere and life style. For all this we use photography, and montage techniques, we can include ourselves into this dream-country!


Recommended for ages: 7-18 years old

Time it takes: 1-1, 5 hours

The session is available: from 2017.03.14. – 2017.04.14.

Registration and appointments: muzeumpedagogia@deak17galeria.hu


Sessions are available with pre-consultations to a specific teacher or subject:  French- and foreign languages, visual culture, singing-music, history, social and civic knowledge, Hungarian grammar- and literature, art history, drama-dancing, motion picture- and media, philosophy, technology, lifestyle and practices, informatics (I.T.).


The exhibition is part of Budapest FotóFesztivál’s program and organized by Frankofón Fesztivál. (?)


Trough the sessions we make photograph, with applying to the session the participant agree to be recorded or photographed. The pictures will be used in the galleries’ communication materials and press attendance.


Additional exhibition: Maia Flore Imagine France