CHIM War through the eyes of children

With the help of the photographs of David Seymour, known by his sobriquet Chim, and through our activities and exhibition, we showed today’s children an era that is only known to them from history books. During our conversations, we touched on topics that are not discussed in school. The artistic quality of the photo series and such an exceptional oeuvre can motivate the children to create their own pieces of art.


Repainted photos from the past   

Recommended for ages: 7-12 years old,

Time it takes: 1.5 hours

These historic photos show the Second World War trough the eyes of oprhaned children, giving the students the opportunity to look at the topic from a new point of view. They could learn the magical process of redrawing photos. When we projected the children’s oil-pastel images on the old photos, past and present merged and presented itself at the same time. This way, the children gave a new perspective to the existing images, endowing them with a new emotional connection and enabling a more pesonal relationship with the eras of history.


Children’s republic 

Recommended for ages: 14-18 years old 

Time it takes: 1.5 hours

During this activity, the students could get to know the history and design of the Children’s Republic founded by Gábor Sztehlo. Through project management methods and team work, they could create their own Children’s Republic built on subjective and objective values, while also learning about democratic thinking.

Developing competences: Conscious view of history, the ability to shift perspective, reflection, storytelling, democratic thinking.


Trough the sessions we make photograph, with applying to the session the participant agree to be recorded or photographed. The pictures will be used in the galleries’ communication materials and press attendance.