Become a Volunteer at Deak17 Gallery!

What can the volunteer’s task be?
In the daily work of the Gallery, you can get to know the structure of an exhibition, the gallery, its tasks, and its audience. You can follow the creation and organization of an exhibition, participate in its installation and related events. You can learn the practicalities of an event and how to host and assist in museum pedagogy classes.

You can learn about the operation of social media platforms (newsletter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram), online research, press list and website, as well as the preparation of publications, posters and other printed materials. We are interested in you and your ideas, among other things you will have the opportunity to design creatives and creative texts for social media platforms, conduct press research and occasionally take photos at our events.

You can see how the activity belonging to the profile of the institution is promoted as widely as possible, through channels specific to the target group.

In the summer, you will have the opportunity to get a glimpse into the organization and operation of summer camps and the conduct of creative, craft activities. You can find out behind the scenes and the entire scenario of the sessions and events.

Permanent tasks of volunteers: preparation of museum education sessions, event assistance, photography at events, helping in holding sessions, performing reception and administrative tasks, welcoming guests, catering, writing press releases and short social media texts

accuracy, reliability, flexibility, team spirit, individual work, creativity, ability to build relationships

To whom do we recommend volunteering?
Those who are interested in museum pedagogy, art history, contemporary fine arts, communication, event organizers, culture and museum management careers, the operation of the Gallery, the organization and follow-up of exhibitions, the current possibilities of art pedagogy.

Volunteers are vital members of the Deák17 Youth Art Gallery’s team. For example, they help us to organize cultural family events, hold workshops for children, inform or greet our visitors at the front desk.

Please contact us for the current opportunities!

How can you apply?

Send an e-mail to the e-mail address.

Please send us the following:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Time availability (When you have time for volunteering?)
  • What former experiences do you have?
  • How would like to participate in our work?