About Deák Ferenc street

The story of Deák Ferenc street begins in 1789, when count Schilson János, – as part of his district-renovating plan – laid down the fundaments of the street, making it the earliest link between the city centre and the river-side. The street was named after Deák Ferenc, a Hungarian statesman and Minister of Justice often referred to as ‘The Wise Man of the Nation’. Because of its rare attributes, distinguished architects were attracted to design extraordinary buildings on this prominent street.

Deák Ferenc street 17.

A six-storey residential and office building which was designed by Sámuel Révész and József Kollár, the masters of German Jugendstil facades in 1912. During the renovation procedure, the builders used several tons of copper to authentically redecorate the historical building.


Deák17 Youth Art Gallery includes one main exhibition space and three multifunctional education rooms. The main exhibition space of the Gallery gives place to temporary exhibitions that represent the cultural heritage of Budapest, artworks of children and youth artists and their thoughts about our age and the future. The contemporary artworks are connected to the catchphrases open-mindedness, experimentation, innovation and creativity.

When selecting contemporary works, we strive to include innovative points of view, topics or techniques in our exhibitions, and by displaying children’s and contemporary works reflecting on the same topic, side by side, we highlight the similarities or differences between the thinking and world views of the different generations.

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Education Rooms

In the multifunctional space of Deák17 Youth Art Gallery’s education rooms, we show permanent exhibitions and provide space for professional dialogue in the form of museum educational sessions, workshops, conferences, family programs, and other educational activities. The multifunctional education rooms are available for 30-80 guests at a time.

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