November with the Children Around the World

2022.11.19. – 09:30

For the last time of the year, in November, we will visit sunny Greece with the Children Around the World. We get to know the ancient and modern customs and traditions of Greece. We climb the Acropolis to get a closer look at the Greek gods and mythological figures. As well as the story of the hero Hercules and the clothing of an ancient warrior will appear during our journey. We will end the morning with a musical performance and the unmissable dance.


from 9:30
Arrival, registration, the Greek gods on the Acropolis – a joint creative work

Interactive country presentation: Greece’s natural treasures, customs, mythology (Sofoklész Nikákiss)

Vasilisz Angelidisz (Zeys) presentation of Greek instruments, dance lessons and joint dancing

Creative occupations related to Greece

In cooperation with: Greek Institute