Facebook likes, selfies – a Sziget selection

2016.07.29. – 2016.08.10.

10-17th August, 2016

Facebook, likes, selfies… presenting our traveling exhibition at ArtZone in the theme of corporate solitude which is living among us. The youngsters between 10 and 18 years are reflect differently to the question which affects everyone than the contemporary artists. Or not? All the drawings, paintings and objects are showing the effects of social media, sometimes ironically, sometimes with humor.


Show your best!
Photo shooting at our photo wall which is painted by the students of the schoold at Bakáts square.


Love knows no limits!
Mark on our world map where are you from, moreover pin your polaroid portrait sign with you name and all the infos for dating.


Sziget Pass
You can create a profile to hang from your neck like a facebook profile. Write down your name, age, what is your strength and weakness and where are you most commonly found at the festival.


Party materials – workshop
There are people who would always see the world in pink and there are some who’d prefer to hide behind a mask…
Make your own artistical composition from colorful color filter films and from cardboard! Make a huge, pink sunglass, a fan for the heat, a unique profile-pass to date and come to the photo wall of Deák17 Gallery to make the best selfie of the Sziget!


Everyday from 11 to 20 o’clock!