Children Around the World

2021.01.16. – 2021.12.11.

Children Around the World is an international matinee for children at Deák17 Youth Art Gallery.
We will continue our adventures in 2021. We are inviting children and their parents to participate in a family day together with different Budapest-living nations. Our aim is to give an opportunity to Hungarian and foreigner children to meet with other cultures through discovering their games, tales, and habits. 


From 2020 the family event can be followed on the Gallery’s Facebook and YouTube Channel. Registration is not required. The online programmes are held in Hungarian.


  • 16 January – Japan
  • 13 February – Spain
  • 13 March Great Britain
  • 10 April Germany
  • 8 May Bulgaria
  • 25 September – France
  • 30 October – Argentina
  • 11 December – Israel

Program description: we are inviting children and their parents to our program to participate in a family day together with different Budapest-living nationalities. Each time we choose one country to immerse in its geographical and cultural heritage. The chosen country and its culture is the topic of the event. Therefore we name the chosen country the ’host’ of the event.

The aim of our program: we would like to give an opportunity to Hungarian and foreigner children to meet with other cultures through discovering their games, tales, and habits. At the same time, our event provides a great occasion to represent a country and to show how various the cultures of the World are.

We organise one Children Around the World event every month (exception: summer school break) on a Saturday between 9.30 and 12.30.

Children Around the World is a nationality program for children in the Deák17 Gallery. A different nation introduces itself through its tales and games during this series of programs. Children between the ages of 3 and 10 and of course their parents or guardians, have the opportunity get to know the cultures of different nations from the experts of the program.

This series of programs is significant for the gallery and its partner organizations because each time, we cooperate with the nation’s embassy, cultural institution and school in Budapest, which enables the gallery to expand its international connections. Every program is different, but over the years a structure was established through which we can provide the most complex experience.

After getting to know the country through games, we continue with a puppet or dance show connected to the topic or watch an animated film. We follow up the fixed program with creative activities, during which the children can participate in 3-4 activities, developed for various age groups, but still connected to the topic. This could be a pop-up postcard depicting a Russian onion dome, folding origami cherry blossoms during a children’s day about the topic of Japanese hanami, decorating Swedish biscuits called pepperkakor with frosting or making Chinese rice pictures. During these programs, we always try to have a gastronomy corner, e.g.: Chinese tea (with the assistance of Kong Ming Teahouse), Japanese tea biscuits, British sweets, Russian tea prepared in a samovar or the Portuguese pasteis de nata.

The strengths of the Children Around the World series:

  • It is a program for families, therefore it is not only a special experience for children, but the parents can learn a great deal about the culture of the given country as well.
  • We provide opportunities for families from different countries living here to meet and talk to Hungarian families.
  • Children from different age groups can participate in quality activities based on their interests and abilities.
  • We try to introduce as many aspects of a country and its culture as possible, such as gastronomy, music, dance, puppet art, fine art, architecture, traditions, and religion.
  • This opportunity is often the first time that children are exposed to that foreign culture, therefore it is important to make the experience authentic.

The aims of the matinee series are

  • to help children who are open and interested in other cultures mature
  • to show the national minorities living in Hungary to the Hungarian audience
  • to provide situations and opportunities in which Hungarian people can meet and talk to the members of the community living here
  •  to help interested people take the first step by showing the opportunities and institutions where they can later gain a deeper insight into the various aspects of the language and culture of the given country

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Learn about different nations of the world through their tales and games!