Children Around the World 2015

2015.09.26. – 2015.11.21.

Sweden – 21 November 2015


9.00-10.00:  Encounter Sweden

10.00-11.00: Pippi Longstocking‘s and Nils Holgersson’s adventure

11.00- 13.00: Swedish nursery rhymes and playful children workshop with the Swedish tale-heroes

Cooperating partner: The Scandinavian House Foundation 

Serbia – 26 September 2015


9.00-10.00: Encounter with Serbia

10.00-11.00: „Spotless/ Immaculate friendship“- interactive children performance in Serbian language translated by an interpreter

11-13.00: museum education workshop and traditional games

Cooperating Partner: Serbian Culture and Documentation Center in Budapest

17 October, 9. a.m.- 1p.m. – Host: Poland


9.00-10.00: getting acquainted with / meeting with/encounter Poland

11.00-12.00: screening selections from famous polish animated films

11.00-13.00: museum education workshop and playing traditional polish games

Cooperating partner:  The Polish Insitute in Budapest