We are unique in that we mediate contemporary art mainly to young people. Building on their responsiveness and openness, we contribute to shaping a sustainable, receptive world and society


By 2023, the Deák 17 Gallery, found in the heart of Budapest, aims to take on a role as the sort of mediator of the arts that seeks to guide young people through the world of contemporary art in a unique manner, presenting new directions in close cooperation with other cultural institutions. In the coming period, the gallery aims to actively respond to the needs of the 14- to 23-year-old age group, in addition to its activities involving young children.


OPENNESS: The institution is open to the most varied means of creative expression, to new topics and unfamiliar methods. It maintains active ties with its audience and its partner institutions, whom it views as collaborators. The gallery is not an insular institution, rather it continuously forges ties with other fields of knowledge in the interest of reaching an ever broader audience.
EFFICIENCY: The gallery makes optimal use of its resources: its inputs and outputs balance out. It operates in a manner that is consistent and efficient.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: The gallery regularly directs children’s and young people’s attention to social and environmental problems with the topics of its exhibitions and activities. Through contemporary art and with the tools of museum education, it seeks to raise more responsible city-dwellers and adults. In its everyday operation, the gallery also contributes to shaping a sustainable, environmentally-friendly and receptive world and society, promoted as well among its volunteers, university interns and staff.
HIGH STANDARDS: The activities conducted by the gallery seek to achieve the highest standards in terms of quality and professionalism. This sort of ambition is projected in both the persons and the work of our staff.
RAPPORT: Establishing and maintaining a culture of cooperation is important for the gallery, both in its shared everyday work within the institution and in its ties with partners and visitors.
EXPERIMENTATION: The gallery staff are open to innovation and to new ideas. They support experimentation and accept that not every experiment is successful.
RESPECT: The gallery staff respect the goals, values and mission expressed by the institution. They take into consideration the views of partners and colleagues involved with the activities of the gallery, as well as the needs and feedback of visitors.


Kaposi Dorka


DIRECTOR (maternity leave)

If you are interested in a collaboration with our gallery or you have a great exhibition idea, please contact with her. 

Studies: Eötvös Loránd University – history of art, Eötvös Loránd University – participate in the Phd programme

Tranings, Intership and Fellowship programs: Universitá di Roma – La Sapienza (Erasmus), The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice (Internship program), Participation in different fellowship programs from 2001 in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey and Ukranaine

Languages: English, Italian




What do I do in the Gallery: During her long absence, I replace the gallery leader. I am responsible for the annual planning of the exhibitions, programs and to hold together the gallery team.

Studies: I graduated from the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, with a degree in art history and a teacher, and I studied at PPKE HTK. Later, I further trained myself as an art manager at MOME.

Experiences: As a teacher, I was the teacher of the grammar school, OKJ and evening adult education of the Jaschik Álmos Art Grammar School, also the organizer of its art projects and exhibitions. As a curator, I organized contemporary art exhibitions, projects and publications at the T-Art Foundation and the San Marco Gallery of the Óbuda Cultural Center. As an art historian, my writings were published primariliy in ÚjMűvészet. As an art mediator, I have given numerous lectures, guided tours, openings and walks across the country. I am the mother of two teenage girls.




What do I do in the Gallery: I am responsible for the organization and management of exhibitions, as well as the related programs.

Studies: I gained my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in art history at the Károli Gáspár University. My main field of research is Hungarian contemporary photography and fine art. During my university studies, I worked at several local contemporary galleries, where I participated in the organization of exhibitions and the writing of creative texts.




What do I do in the Gallery: My tasks include leading museum education workshops related to the Gallery’s exhibitions, organizing and coordinating summer camps and the Children Around the World program series.

Education: I graduated from the Károli Gáspár University in liberal arts, majoring in art history, and also continued my master’s degree in art history here. I also completed training as a children’s yoga instructor and graphic designer.

Experiences: I spent my university internship at the Deák17 Gallery. In addition, I taught art history at OKJ and adult education at the Jaschik Álmos Art High School.


Richárd KISS


What do I do in the Gallery: I am responsible for all communication of the Gallery, including PR and marketing activities. I manage the Gallery’s website and social media pages, and I also come up with communication plans related to exhibitions and events. The newsletter and press materials also come out of my hands, I write the texts of the flyers and posters, and I also prepare the various professional reports.

Studies: I gained a psychology degree at the University of Szeged, specializing in counselling and educational psychology. After that, I completed a graphic design course at the Hollóka Graphic Design Studio.

Experiences: I have organized several international Erasmus+ training courses, with the focus of non-formal educational youth work, and I also volunteered for a year in a school in Estonia. In addition to the Deák17 Gallery, I also work as a freelance graphic designer.


Zsuzsanna Madácsné Farkasinszky


What do I do in the Gallery: I am responsible for managing the office. My job is to oversee the Gallery’s operative and admistrative support, such as filing, registration, writing contracts and keeping a record of the daily paperwork. Also I am in charge of maintainging contact with the new Business Organisation.

Experience: I was working as a secretary-referent at Mozaik Operating Organization, where I was responsible for filing, registration, writing contracts, keeping records and other related tasks. Also I kept contact with the institutions joint to the Organization – such as Deák17 Gallery. After the termination of the Mozaik O. O., I was transferred to the Gallery.