Years, artworks, adolescents – 20 years of visual competitions

2015.10.01. – 2015.10.31.

According to the 20th anniversary of the most valuable art competition of the secondary school students Deák17 Art and Youth Gallery presents an exhibition showcasing a selection from the competition’s artworks.

The curators selected from the huge number of the artworks what were sended in the last 20 years to . 

The story of the Nation Secondary Grammar School Academic Competition in the field of art and visual culture started in 1996, when the then College of Applied Art (now Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) first time declare the competition for the secondary school pupils. Each year the organizers determinated a topic and the competitors had to establish their artworks in the different genre (paining, photo or design). A very important part was the competition that all of the students had to write – or paint or designed – a so called a diary about the concept and the progress of their piece of art. 

It is amazing that several students who took part in the competition became a famous and acclaimed artists by now. It is a special opportunity to see where they started and how much they improved. The other remark of the exhibition is that now we can see how important these competitions are for a beginner artist.

Look around in our exhibition and try to find this ex-students!