The best works of the art contest on Ancient Egypt

2022.01.13. – 2022.02.26.

We present the artworks of the annual art contest for students, announced by the Hungarian-Egyptian Friendship Society’s Ancient Egyptian Committee. The exhibition shows the best entries, selected by the jury.This time, the focus of the art contest was on an ancient tale written on a stela; the miraculous healing of the princess Bentres. The legend, which is more than a thousand years older than the stela itself, is due to the era of Pharaoh Ramses II., follows the journey of an Egyptian healing statue to Behten and back to Karnak, and tells the story of Bentres’s magical recovery.

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Opening: 12.01.2022 17:00
Opening speech by: Prof. Dr. Andrea KÁRPÁTI, Corvinus University

Please, let us inform you about our safety regulations. The visitors for the exhibition opening must present an immunity certificate. More information about our visitor rules: LINK

In cooperation with the Hungarian-Egyptian Friendship Society, Ancient Egyptian Committee.


Hungarian-Egyptian Friendship Society, Ancient Egyptian Committee