TALES OF ATA – Ata Kando’s Portraits at Deák17 Gallery

2018.03.30. – 2018.06.02.

The hungaian photographer Ata Kando is one of the most outstanding photographers on the field of portrait, ethnographic photography and fashion photography. Now the exhibition in Deák17 Gallery provides an insight into her artworks.

The pieces of Ata Kandó are interesting not only because of their mesmerizing composition, but also because of the context in which she made them. Ata made many of the artworks together with her children when they were on a family holiday. Thus the work method is interesting from a pedagogical point of view too because the child and the parent were equal partners in the creation process of the photos.

The exhibition will be held during the programseries of Budapest Photo Festival and Budapest Art Week.
The exhibition was organized in cooperation with Budapest Spring Festival and Hungarian Museum of Photography.

Curators of the exhibition: Dorka Kaposi and Zsófia Somogyi-Rohonczy 

Opening: 30 March 2018 17.00
Opening speech by: Csilla E.Csorba art historian
On view: 30 March 2018  – 2 June 2018

The catalog of the exhibition is available to download.

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