Space-motion-game – Travelling exhibition (Pécs)

2021.11.05. – 2022.01.23.

The travelling exhibition is the result of the extraordinary cooperation of the painter Tamás Konok and the biologist Tamás Vásárhelyi.  Drawing on the concept of Konok’s geometric elements and abstract images formed of fine lines, Vásárhelyi extends these structures into space, building sly objects based on physical phenomena. The picture-object pairs, reflecting on each other, offer the opportunity for carefree planar and spatial play.

Location: JPM Csontváry Museum (11 Janus Pannonius str. Pécs)

Opening: 05.11.2021 17.00
Opening speech by: Katalin GETTO museologist

Exhibiting artist: Tamás KONOK painter, Tamás VÁSÁRHELYI biologist
On view: 05.11.2021 – 23.01.2022

The catalog of the exhibition is available to download.

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