The present and future of Romani art

The exhibition introduces the art support program of the RomKult Foundation. Ferenc Kunhegyesi follows the traditions of the progressive painter Tamás Péli – and for the youngest generation he embodies the role of the gatekeeper, while as a mentor he upholds the path for the promising young talents. On the shared exhibition master and pupils both reflect on the same topic – universality. They sound essential human values and talk about global issues, which can lead to alliance.

Exhibiting artists: Ferenc KUNHEGYESI and his students: Barbara NYÁRI, Dorka VINCZE

Opening: 2022. 09 03. 11:00

Opening by: Tibor BALOGH graphic artist and Mónika RÓZSA art director

Contribution by: Dávid CSÁNYI actor

On view: 2022. 09. 06. – 10. 05.


Romkult Foundation