2020.03.04. – 2020.03.28.

The designers of the 21st century are, in truth, the ‘Renaissance men’ of our age, whose first and foremost goal is not only to attend and follow the development of Object & Environment, and, along those, the complex visual culture but also to shape them actively, creatively, consciously and on a constant basis.

The students of the Forrai Art School, educated in a school-type system, study and work in the light of this conception. They attend various majors like Graphic Art, Decoration (Interior and Scenery), Fashion&Style Designer and Costume Designer. Following the scheme of thought detailed above, they introduce us their latest experimental creations, professional works and portfolios done in the workrooms of the school.

Project ‘BALANCE’ focuses on the relations&conjoining points of the four majors referred to. These often overlap as well resulting in exciting shifts&changes. This, together with the application and use of novel materials and techniques, coupled with a comprehensive and unconventional approach, sets out to answer some of the questions that arise from our time.

Guided by thematic series of tasks&experimentation on clean-line forms, the students attempt to fuse and create harmony between elements of innovation, creativity, environmental awareness and social sensitivity, through their works of visual shapes, objects in space and symbols&signs of communication. The workroom creations by Forrai of Project ‘BALANCE’, to be seen, communicate and highlight the importance of universal harmony and ‘human scale’ of all-time and, as such, try to convert all of it into a common Message.

Opening: 4 March 2020 17:00

Opening speech by: Dr. Andrea Kárpáti professor – research leader

Contributors: Péter Bogner and Dénes Rácz handpan artists

On view: 4 March 2020 – 28 March 2020

The exhibition was organized in cooperation with Forrai Art School.

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