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Step-Imprints asks questions about the collaboration of the photographer and the dancer, the contextual interpretation of photographs and the spread of modern technology with the help of photos, notation systems, press history materials, interviews and computer tools.

The virtual exhibition was created by virtu•ART•tour

//DO YOU HAVE KNACK FOR ART? 2020-2021//

Related to the international competition ‘Do you Have a Knack for Art?’, Hungarian high school finalists investigate the role of idols in our contemporary society. (Full screen)


Hungarian contemporary artists and students respond to one of the most a serious global issues, biodiversity loss and the extinction of species. (Full screen)


How can the four classical elements that make up the world around us – earth, water, fire and air – capture passing moments and become a medium of ephemeral compositions? (Full screen)


Twenty Estonian artist have been inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales. (Full screen)

A virtuális tárlatotokat a virtu•ART•tour készítette.


The exhibition presents the best works received at the art contest on ancient Egypt. (Full screen)