Exhibition of the creators of FLASZTER - I. Budapest Contemporary Public Art Biennial

2023.09.15. – 2023.10.12.

As part of the Budapest 150 event series and FLASZTER – I. Budapest Public Art Biennial, artworks, performances, events, and meetings will be visible and realised in different public spaces of the city in the fall of 2023. Within the framework of the COMMON | SPACE exhibition, the creative processes, personal reflections and research materials connecting to the realized projects will become visible.

Exhibiting artists: Balázs Antal, Márk Bartha and Luca Borsos, Virág Bogyó and Flóra Madácsi, Common Jam (Anna Bíró, Andrea Júlia Fajgerné Dudás and Eszter Ágnes Szabó), DePART collective (Jonas Baur, Dominik Jellen, Cat Jugravu and Anna Szepes), Gideon Horváth, Kristóf Kelemen és Tímea Török, Luca Petrányi, János Sugár, Valyo – City and River Association)

Curator: Luca Ménesi

Opening: 14 September 2023 5pm