Budapest Street Archæology

Urban art of Budapest in the 21st century

2021.09.09. – 2021.12.17.

The exhibition – Budapest Street Archæology – catalogs the Hungarian aspects of the international Street Art Movement over the past 20 years. It presents the defining Hungarian artists, projects, tangible reminders and documents of the movement. The goal is for children to get to know the youngest of the significant artistic genres, with the hope that, as a result, they will consciously regard the environment in which they live and preserve its visual value.

Opening: 08.09.2021 17.00
Opening speech by: Simon SZABÓ actor, director

Please, let us inform you about our safety regulations. The visitors for the exhibition opening must present an immunity certificate. More information about our visitor rules: LINK

For the event the visitor numbers are limited: we can let in a maximum of 100 people (in order of arrival). We open the gates at 16:45. We record all parts of the event and publish them as quickly as possible on the Gallery’s social media platforms.

Due to the high interest for the exhibition opening we keep our doors open until 19:30. Until this time visitors can come in continually, watch the exhibition, talk and listen to the electronic music. But, if the number of the people appearing makes it reasonable, we plan to open our doors again this evening, as a second entry. In this scenario, we will welcome the visitors again from 18:30. After the second gate opening, you can see the exhibition until 19:30.

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Curator: Bianka ZSIGÓ art historian
On view: 09.09.2021 – 17.12.2021

Exhibiting artists:

Fat Heat
Kolodko Mihály
Miss KK
Nikon One
Rapa 73
Szárnyas Doboz


Virtual exhibition

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The virtual exhibition was created by virtu•ART•tour