Box spaces, Collections of the privacy

2016.04.15. – 2016.05.28.

The exhibition offers an overall picture of the different kind of contemporary box art pieces of Hungary, through elder and younger artits’ box-artworks. The exhibition has two titles that represent the two focuses of the collection.

At first we have to define the expression of the „box space” then the emphasis moves on the collection. The box space – half open and half closed – functions as a room or stage cut into two pieces, allowing the viewer to get an insight into the artist’s intimate sphere. As a consequence of its special shape, anything can be built inside the box space, for instance graphics, paintings, objects or videos.


Curator: Dorka Kaposi

Artists: Bertalan Babos Zsili, Zsófia Barabás, Szultán Bogdándy, György Bp. Szabó, Adrienn Dér , Kinga Énzsöly, Anikó Herbert, Pista Horror, Judit Horváth Lóczi, László Karácsonyi, Norbert Menyhárt, Benjámin Nagy, Hajnal Aurora Németh, Zoltán Novák, Rami Pap, Péter Ujházi.

The catalog of the exhibition is available to download.