Based on the art contest related to the topic

2022.12.07. – 2022.12.17.

The aim of the art contest and exhibition organized by Deák17 Youth Art Gallery and Betlehem Peace Center is to make us reconsider what Betlehem means to us today. Betlehem is about Christmas in the first place naturally – but is not just about it. Betlehem is a real place, a multicultural, vivid city, which is sacred for jews, arabs and christians as well. The birthplace of David and Jesus, where you can find many things – ancient ruins, medieval christian churches, islamic mosques, but also huge border walls made of concrete and street art by Banksy. Betlehem is a symbol, a sign which can connect us to history, religion, peace – and can be a place to give voice to unique opinions, ideas, thougths.

On view: 08 – 17 December 2022 
Opening: 07 December 2022 17.00 
Opening remarks: Gréta GARAMI art historian


Bethlehem Peace Center