2016.05.07. – 2016.05.28.

Memory traces

We all have those memory traces that we would never forget. These traces are incorporated in to our life, and it has a huge influence on who we are now. This memory can be something good to remember or something…

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2016.01.06. – 2016.02.13.

Re / To Art – From paper-clothes to edible jewelries (6th January – 13th February, 2016)

Fashion and textile-design in Jelky András specialized school of fine arts. The exhibition is based on the selection of the most outstanding art and professional works of Jelky András school that contains very successfull solutions for recyling projects such as…

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2015.11.20. – 2015.12.19.

STARTart – Lamp design

If you are interested in the lamp design, you must participate on the first STARart discussion on 19th December, 10 am -1 pm Guests:  Panni Pais – teacher of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Product Design Department Ági Franta –…

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2015.09.26. – 2015.11.21.

Children Around the World 2015

Sweden – 21 November 2015 Program: 9.00-10.00:  Encounter Sweden 10.00-11.00: Pippi Longstocking‘s and Nils Holgersson’s adventure 11.00- 13.00: Swedish nursery rhymes and playful children workshop with the Swedish tale-heroes Cooperating partner: The Scandinavian House Foundation Serbia – 26 September 2015 Program:…

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