2017.03.13. – 2017.04.15.

Maia Flore: Imagine France

Budapest Photo Festival, the French Institut Budapest and D17 Youth Gallery in cooperation shows Maia Flore: Imagine France. „Imagine France” brings us to a dream-filled voyage through the most beautiful cultural sites of France, through the photographic works of Maia Flore.…

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2017.02.10. – 2017.04.01.

Virtual Icons

The NDK-Neue Debrezenische Kunst and the Deak17 Gallery have invited applications this year again. At the Virtual Icons exhibition are presentend the best artworks of students and contemporary artists, reflecting to the theme. How does a teenager or a mature…

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2017.02.03. – 2017.03.04.

Jaschik Print

The Jaschik print exhibition gives a special insight into the artworks of workshops of Jaschik School at the Deak17 Gallery. The leporellos and space installations present artworks created in different styles and with various techniques, at assorted levels. With a…

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2016.11.16. – 2017.01.14.


We celebrate the 135th anniversary of Béla Bartók’s birth with this exhibition. Contemporary artists, who were invited by the curator, Dorka Kaposi show their Bartók-inspired artworks. In line with these pieces of art we can show the best concepts of…

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2016.09.14. – 2016.10.15.

Old/new city mirror

The works of Universitatea de Artă și Design din Cluj-Napoca (UAD) students speak on the social interaction within the architecture of a cosmopolitan city, and on how social changes left their mark upon the visible part of Cluj. It is…

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