2021.04.25. – 2021.06.25.

Student art exhibition

Best entries arrived for the National Secondary School Academic Competition

The Gallery presents the best works arrived for the annual competition. This year the students reflect on two important global issues: sustainability and conservation. Online opening: 24.04.2021. 15.00 Opening speech by: László Haraszthy ornithologist and Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation…

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2021.04.15. – 2021.06.05.


Dance, Photo, History

Dance and movement are individual and unrepeatable phenomenon. Capturing their momentary status can be an almost impossible task. Over the decades, diverse techniques developed to immortalize this fragile sight. Step-Imprints asks questions about the collaboration of the photographer and the…

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2021.02.15. – 2021.05.15.

CONTEST: “I See the World: Traditions of the Nations of the World”

LEAGUE OF HISTORICAL CITIES - International Children's Online Painting Contest

The Contest is holding jointly with the Secretariat of the League of Historical Cities within the framework of the 17th World Conference of the League of Historical Cities which will be held in Kazan in 2021. The Contest is organized…

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2021.03.19. – 2021.04.17.


The exhibition presents the best works received at the art contest on ancient Egypt

As in previous years, the Hungarian-Egyptian Friendship Society, Ancient Egyptian Committee announced an art contest for students in 2020. We present the best entries selected by a professional jury at the Deák17 Gallery. Online opening: 18. 03. 2021., 17.00 Opening…

2021.02.06. – 2021.04.01.

Last Words

The Deák17 Youth Art Gallery presents the best works of the contest Last Words called by the NDK (Neue Debreczenische Kunst) art group and the Gallery. The exhibition also includes artworks by invited contemporary artists and by members of the…

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2020.11.11. – 2021.01.22.


How can the four classical elements that make up the world around us – earth, water, fire and air – capture passing moments and become a medium of ephemeral compositions? Do they make us more aware of the complexity of…

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2020.01.18. – 2020.11.14.

Children Around the World 2020

18 January 2020 – 9.30-12.30: Moldova Partner: Embassy of Moldova in Budapest 15 February 2020 – 9.30-12.30: South Korea Partner: Korean Cultural Center in Budapest Cancelled! 21 March 2020 – 9.30-12.30: Poland Partner: Wonderland Foundation Cancelled! 16 May 2020 – 9.30-12.30: Nigeria Partner: Nigerian Embassy of…

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2020.09.16. – 2020.10.30.


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Meixner Elementary School and Primary School of Art in Rákospalota the institution presents the artworks of its former and current students: everything that born within the complex Meixner atmosphere. Online opening: 09. 16.…

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