2015.06.01. – 2015.09.09.


The creation of the perfect man is represented by the works “Eve” and “Adam and Eve” by István Máriás (Horror Pista), while “Tomorrow’s Eve” appears in Tamás Dobos’s photo-pair Nüx 1-2. Bertalan (Zsili) Babos’s mixed-media statues and objects explore the…

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2015.07.01. – 17:14


The aim of the exhibition titled Touchdown is to showcase how skateboarding has evolved into an alternative way of transport, a landmark of youth culture, and why skateboarding can be considered an urban art form. All of the exhibitors are…

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2015.03.11. – 2015.04.30.

Jaschik 130

Álmos Jaschik, a Hungarian graphic artist and art educator’s 130th birth anniversary memorial exhibition.At the exhibition showcase Jaschik Álmos’ and his disciples’ artworks, as well as the Jaschik Álmos Secondary School of Arts’ students’ and their teachers’ works.Visiting: 11 March…

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