• Virtual Icons

    Virtual Icons


    The NDK-Neue Debrezenische Kunst and the Deak17 Gallery have invited applications this year again. At the Virtual Icons exhibition are presentend the best artworks of students and contemporary artists, reflecting to the theme. How does a teenager or a mature artist think about the topic of the icons, role models and the digital world of our days? Modern and fresh thoughts, visual expressions and many more questions await the visitors.

  • Jaschik Print

    Jaschik Print


    The Jaschik print exhibition gives a special insight into the artworks of workshops of Jaschik School at the Deak17 Gallery. The leporellos and space installations present artworks created in different styles and with various techniques, at assorted levels. With a short recommendation and many reproducted imagery, in a memorable way.

  • The best book for children and youts - 2016

    The best book for children and youts - 2016


    The Institute of Hungarian Children's Literature Institute collected the best children and youth books of 2016. Come and find your new best. In this year the professional jury framed up again the TOP25. In the Deák17 Gallery you can read into more than 100 books in different age-group and topics.

  • Bartók135



    We celebrate the 135th anniversary of Béla Bartók's birth with this exhibition. Contemporary artists, who were invited by the curator, Dorka Kaposi show their Bartók-inspired artworks. In line with these pieces of art we can show the best concepts of our Bartók reloaded competition. The student adapted the Bluebeard's Castle, The Miraculous Mandarin, and The Wooden Prince. Sketches, costume and set designs, posters and scenarios show us how the children see Bartók operas and ballet. The third elements of the exhibition are some old costume and set designs from the collection of The Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute. 

  • Example! travelling exhibition - Sepsiszentgyörgy

    Example! travelling exhibition - Sepsiszentgyörgy


    ART INStITUt + special edition presents Deák 17 – Youth Art Gallery from Budapest, Hungary on 08. November, 2016, Tuesday from 18:00.

  • CHIM [David Seymour] Children of war

    CHIM [David Seymour] Children of war


    David Seymout 'Chim', the famous co-founder of Magnum Photos, photographed the condition of European children who survived World War II. The show at D17 Gallery (Budapest), as a satellite exhibition of Art Market Budapest 2016 focuses especially on the work that Chim did in Hungary and Poland.

  • Hungarian National Day of Painting

    Hungarian National Day of Painting


    Our new exhibition is full with colour. Different medias and technics but the same passion for vibrant and magic colours. Come and celebrate with the us the Hungarian National Day of Painting.

  • Old/new city mirror

    Old/new city mirror


    The works of Universitatea de Artă și Design din Cluj-Napoca (UAD) students speak on the social interaction within the architecture of a cosmopolitan city, and on how social changes left their mark upon the visible part of Cluj. It is an exercise of reading between wrinkles, of beautifying a city in which oldness, poverty and poor environmental taste are pretentiously displayed, like inadequate makeup.

  • World Heritage - a Youthful Vision

    World Heritage - a Youthful Vision


    International exhibition and contest of children's works of art from the cities inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Sound/space/sound - sounding sculpture exhibition

    Sound/space/sound - sounding sculpture exhibition


    Sounding and touchable sculptures inspirated the Rock/Space/Time exhibition of Ludwig Museum. The original artworks and the soundig sculptures int he same place! The description of the contemprary artworks are availabel with Braille-writing.