• THE BRIDGE – floating structure

    THE BRIDGE – floating structure


    The exhibition presents the works of Department of Graphics, Form and Design students and teachers of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture.

  • Museum in a Coffer - Telling Histories of Child Art

    Museum in a Coffer - Telling Histories of Child Art


    Historical children’s and youths’ drawings can be seen as important documents of everyday life, decisive events, social changes and national traditions. They open new insights on historical events and the history of childhood. The exhibition presents the topic historical children's and youths’ drawings in a new perspective with the medium of the ‘Museum coffer’. These transportable ‘micro-museums’ were created by art education students from the University of Paderborn, Germany.




    Real and virtual dimensions, natural spheres, imaginations of digital and analogue fantasy lands. Seen, heard and tactile informations. Interaction and rule-based systems. The  Parallel Realities group exhibition invites to personal universes created from plants, glass, concrete, found objects, sounds and pixels.

  • Castaways



    The exhibition revolves around the animation series 'Castaways', directed by Péter Szeiler, which is targeting the age group of 6-10 years. Besides the storyboards, the visual and character design the creators would like to provide insights into the process of the animation filmmaking and also to show the tools, objects and procedures that could help survive a shipwreck, including the ones that inspired the creative group during the making of this series.




    The first modern comics were published in the USA a hundred years ago. Nowadays, after ups and downs in their reception, comics are getting more and more popular. Having a look at this medium at any point in its history reveals that its audience and its characters are often children.

  • Hello Arti! - exhibition

    Hello Arti! - exhibition


    The exhibition presents the best works of the contest ‘Let’s Design ARTI the Mascot of Deák17 Gallery’. The aim of the competition was to create a lovable, cute figure that represents the Gallery and its conception and to give young creators an opportunity to debut. Come and see how others have imagined the Galley’s mascot ARTI!

  • Light Purple - Ildikó Ale painter’s exhibition

    Light Purple - Ildikó Ale painter’s exhibition


    Ildikó Ale painter’s artworks on electronic music pieces of Attila Blahó pianist




    The guerrilla or community gardening and other small, personalized green places become more ordinary spectacles in the city. Contemporary artists and groups reflect to this phenomenon. How does nature conquer the city?

  • Children's Painting Competition - 'Colorful Touch to History'

    Children's Painting Competition - 'Colorful Touch to History'


    Applicants for Children’s Painting Competition WANTED! The City of Bursa expresses an invitation to a Children’s Painting Competition.

  • DO YOU HAVE A KNACK FOR ART? - Exhibition

    DO YOU HAVE A KNACK FOR ART? - Exhibition


    'Do You Have a Knack for Art?' is an international presentation of student projects, which are related to contemporary society and fine art. The aim of the project is to offer students the opportunity to think about the purposes and forms of the given topic - identity - in the broadest sense.