• Mátyás Boros: Labyrinth

    Mátyás Boros: Labyrinth


    According to the well-known myth, Minos, the king of Crete, had a labyrinth built, where Minotaur, the human-bodied, bull-headed monster lived. The creature was slain by the brave Theseus, with the help of Ariadne, the daughter of the Cretan king. Made specifically for the space of the gallery, this interactive installation recreates the mythic structure and makes a sensuous experience of the impenetrable maze so as to bring its story closer to the audience.

  • #Jelky



    At the joint exhibition of students of Jelky András  Secondary Vocational School of Applied Arts creations provided with hashtages turn into parts of a virtual network organized along the synergistic connections present in our school. Owing to a computer program this virtual network can be formed into a visually presentable mind map, from which these connections can easily be read. The exhibition shows the imprints of the connections present at school affecting one another and manifesting themselves in creations.

  • Beaming Tradition 

    Beaming Tradition 


    The exhibition features the best entries of the National Competition on Visual Culture for Secondary School students invited applications by the Ministry of Human Capacities and organized by the Educational Authority. It was an exciting and challenging task for exhibiting students to create a work based on the imagery and material or spiritual tradition of Hungarian folk art, and thus preserve and integrate it in our future.

  • Children Around the World

    Children Around the World


    Children Around the World is an international matinee for children at Deák17 Youth Art Gallery.
    We will continue our adventures in 2019. We are inviting children and their parents to participate in a family day together with different Budapest-living nations. Our aim is to give an opportunity to Hungarian and foreigner children to meet with other cultures through discovering their games, tales, and habits.