How can the four classical elements that make up the world around us - earth, water, fire and air - capture passing moments and become a medium of ephemeral compositions? Do they make us more aware of the complexity of our senses? Can our perception be enhanced if we focus on measured observation? How can we perceive the spatial and temporal dimensions of visible and invisible natural processes and phenomena in the radiance of natural and artificial light? The installations of the REFLEX group exhibition invite visitors to enter the ethereal medium of subjective perception and (light) environments that exist in a state of constant flux.

  • Children Around the World

    Children Around the World


    Children Around the World is an international matinee for children at Deák17 Youth Art Gallery.
    We will continue our adventures in 2019. We are inviting children and their parents to participate in a family day together with different Budapest-living nations. Our aim is to give an opportunity to Hungarian and foreigner children to meet with other cultures through discovering their games, tales, and habits. 

  • MEIXNER 20

    MEIXNER 20


    On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Meixner Elementary School and Primary School of Art in Rákospalota the institution presents the artworks of its former and current students: everything that born within the complex Meixner atmosphere.